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Welcome to Marcuard Family Office

Marcuard Family Office is one of Europe’s leading independent multi-client Family Offices. Founded in 1998, it was also one of the first multi-client Family Offices to be established in Switzerland. Our core competence is to support wealthy families with complex ownership and asset structures, providing comprehensive advice that goes far beyond traditional asset management.
We enjoy the trust and confidence of families from Switzerland, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America. We offer them a broad range of Family Office services and invest on their behalf in the world’s major financial markets, as well as offering access to special opportunities through our extensive network. Our clients

Our clients want a clear overview when it comes to the structure and management of their assets. They are looking for an integrated approach so that they can manage their financial, legal and personal affairs in a coordinated fashion. Their requirements typically include the following:
- Developing a system of family governance based on values, structures, and processes
- A clearly structured, long-term investment strategy
- Assets that will endure for at least two generations
- Ownership arrangements for the next generation
- Efficient and effective decision-making within the family
- Targeted development with regard to global safekeeping and management of assets
- A team that they can rely on always to put the interests of the family first
From one generation to the next

Our client base is diverse, ranging from first-generation entrepreneurs to complex multigenerational families. To protect the values of our families, the traditional transition processes between generations should be carefully examined so that, from each generation, a new first generation is established. To achieve this, the family must place an emphasis on developing human and intellectual capital, viewing financial capital as an important tool to support this process.

You can always count on the continuity of your support team, whose individual members complement one another in terms of their skills. You can access the team through your personal relationship manager or go directly to the relevant specialist. Services

Investment management

In consultation with our clients, we work out a long-term strategic investment plan that usually extends over one or two generations. In many cases, our clients’ minimum requirement is to maintain their purchasing power over generations, after taxation and inflation. In order to meet this challenge successfully, Marcuard Family Office regularly engages in exchange with companies, investment strategists, and fund managers. We constantly evaluate current and future opportunities to determine the best long-term strategic asset allocation. The chosen investment strategy is implemented by selecting specialized fund managers who achieve the best-possible risk-return profile. This multi-manager approach ensures a very broad diversification of the portfolio by asset class, region, investment style, and manager. We choose these managers by applying carefully defined criteria based on a systematic, quantitative, and qualitative selection process.
About us

Marcuard Family Office was founded in 1998, and is one of the first multi-client Family Offices in Switzerland. The founders’ aim was to create an independent organization that could offer Family Office services in an objective and integrated manner to a limited number of families with significant wealth. Independence remains the core principle that enables Marcuard Family Office to maintain its objectivity when advising clients.

Marcuard Family Office pertenece a una de las Family Offices multicliente independientes líder en Europa. La empresa fue fundada en 1998 y es una de las primeras Family Offices multicliente de Suiza. Nuestra competencia es ofrecer a las familias con propiedades y patrimonios complejos una asesoría integral, mucho más amplia que la gestión de patrimonios clásica. Contamos con la confianza que nos demuestran familias en Suiza, Europa, Oriente Medio, América del Norte y América del Sur. Ponemos a su disposición una amplia gama de servicios Family Office e invertimos a escala mundial en los principales mercados financieros, ofreciendo a nuestros clientes acceso a una amplia red. Nestros clientes

Nuestros clientes quieren tener una visión global de la estructuración y la administración de sus inversiones patrimoniales. Desean una actuación integrada para gestionar sus asuntos financieros, jurídicos y personales. Entre las principales necesidades de nuestros clientes se encuentran:
- El desarrollo de un gobierno familiar basado en valores, estructuras y procesos.
- Una estrategia de inversiones lógica a largo plazo.
- Valores patrimoniales que abarquen, al menos, dos generaciones.
- La regulación de las cuestiones patrimoniales para la siguiente generación.
- Toma de decisiones eficiente y eficaz dentro de la familia.
- Un seguimiento preciso de la conservación y la administración patrimonial.
- Disponemos de un equipo humano orientado a la consecución de los intereses de la familia.
El cambio generacional

Nuestros clientes son desde empresarios de la primera generación hasta familias vinculadas financieramente a lo largo de varias generaciones. Para poder conservar los valores de la familia, hay que romper con el esquema tradicional del cambio generacional y convertir a cada generación en la primera generación. Para ello es imprescindible que la familia se centre en el capital humano e intelectual. En el mejor de los casos los recursos financieros estarán a disposición para servir de ayuda en este proceso.